Oct 20, 2011

Hi-yo Silver! Away!

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Jerry Bruckheimer has spoken on the status of production on the Lone Ranger film. {full article}

With the budget ballooning the way it was, cuts had to be made and they have now gone through the script and removed sequences or altered them to bring the cost of the film in line with what Disney was willing to pay for it. Luckily the train sequences, described as the most elaborate every put to film, have remained almost completely intact. I've been looking forward to those. The last train sequence that really got me excited was Back to the Future III. Gone also are some supernatural elements (coyotes) that would cost a pretty penny to animate effectively. Another cost saving measure has been to scale back the number of locations for the film. Current budget? $215 million down from $260 million. Still a huge budget film.

A change in release date has also happened, and I have to say, I have no idea why the original Dec 2012 date was even picked. Going up against Peter Jackson and The Hobbit is not a smart move for an action/adventure film. Add to that mix World War Z and much of your primary audience for Lone Ranger has 3 movies to choose from, and frankly, the other two are VERY hotly anticipated films. Opening in May puts them in at the start of the blockbuster season and gives them some breathing room between Superman and Fast and the Furious.

Hopefully with the budgetary issues resolved filming can proceed without further holdups. A Lone Ranger film should be a lot of fun to watch, especially with Gore and Jerry heading it up. I can't wait to get some production art, or still shots from this one as they progress.

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