Oct 6, 2011

DCA's Debutante

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Well, it was only a matter of time, but Disney has put up walls along the monorail bridge through DCA effectively blocking views of Buena Vista Street construction. As much as I would love to watch the progression of this part of the park from version 1.0, to dirt and steel all the way up to Buena Vista Street, I understand why they are doing this. If there is one thing that Disney has learned from this whole makeover project, it is that the rabid fan community has no understanding of the concept of "ongoing process." Often times photos would surface of some new thing placed in an area under construction and various sites would begin tearing into Disney for an obviously horrible decision. Days later, another coat of paint, or further work would appear on said item and its appearance or position would change and suddenly make more sense.

Just because something is painted or placed in an area does not mean that it is the final placement or look. Until the area opens (and sometimes even after that), they are not done. Things can, and do, change. Many times Disney will put in an item and paint it to look brand new. Then they will go to work aging it in a process that can take days or weeks. Ageing in this way allows for layers of ageing that make it so much more believable than if they just painted it old to start with.

With the walls blocking the views from the monorail and there really being no other good locations to see this area from, what we will get will be a grand reveal when they are all done and we won't have seen the individual elements get built up. There won't have been complaint about this tree or that tree or the color of tiles before they were done, or paint on walls. There will just be amazement at the finished product.

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