Oct 28, 2011

A Glimpse Into the Future

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Boy what a difference a little careful thought can make. When Disney California Adventure first opened, it was readily apparent that there was very little concern for creating a unified feel for the entrance area. Sure it was themed to the idea of walking into a post card, but once you were into the turnstiles, that theme broke down. It really only worked as a view from a distance. The store fronts didn't even fit the surf style music playing in the area. It was just a mess with no real purpose other than to have shops.

Times are changing though and next summer a brand new entrance will be unveiled. Buena Vista Street is an entrance for which a great deal of thought is being taken and every effort poured into making sure that every detail is accurate to a specific theme. Music, buttons on costumes, paint colors, finish materials, all of them are being researched, purchased, recreated. It's pretty impressive. This is exactly the sort of thing that makes a Disney theme park work. It is what sets Disney apart from everyone else.

However, it isn't meant to be a realistic recreation. There will be things that are not 100% period accurate. That is by design. Disney parks aren't museums seeking faithful recreations. The Imagineers are going for an idealized recreation. They take themes apart and find the basic elements that make up that theme. The things that make it stick out in people's memories. The positives. They then build on those ideas and basic themes. They emphasize them. Often they over saturate colors to make it feel hyper-real.

Take a look at the amazing art-work being released for Buena Vista Street here. I am so excited to walk through the gates of the park and into this new area.

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