Oct 31, 2011

Debating Declines

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I really hate the phrase "Declining by Degrees." It is odious to me. It encourages people to look for things that aren't done like they used to be done and label them a failure. It doesn't encourage critical thinking or analysis to determine if a change was for the better or not nor does it encourage research to discover the reason for a change. It encourages people to label without thought or discrimination.

I'll tell you what is declining by degrees though, the quality of the core Disney fandom. I'm more or less disgusted with so called fans who seem to do nothing but look for insignificant things to pick apart and look for "declines." The problem with setting out to look for something is you will find it. These people find more simple, insignificant, idiotic things to complain about than I can comprehend. They seem to genuinely believe that these sorts of declines, which they really aren't, actually cheapen or ruin the Disney experience for them.

Tonight's example of Declining by Degrees? Switching out the word passport for ticket or pass in reference to the park entrance media. I'm not really sure how, but apparently this makes it less of a genuine and true Disney experience. Simplification of terminology does not make things cheaper. That's like saying that AA is somehow less magical than Audio-Animatronic. I really just don't get some people.

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