Feb 2, 2012

A Greener California Adventure

One of the biggest problems facing DCA 1.0 in my view was the lack of trees. Disneyland uses trees and plants to break up walkways, offer shade and create a more natural, comforting feeling. The old DCA had very few trees anywhere and very little in the way of plants and shrubs either. Thankfully, this is changing. Twitter user @mintcrocodile and avid Disney photographer (Magic Eye) tweeted this photo today.


This is the new fountain that will form the center piece of the Carthay Circle area of Buena Vista Street. They have just brought in quite a number of trees to surround the fountain. Several trees have also recently gone in near the entry gates. More are on their way to line the street.

Paradise Gardens is full of trees. The World of Color viewing area has trees and plants. The queue and overflow areas for Little Mermaid have been significantly greened up. It may seem like a small thing, but all these new trees and plants have a major impact on the feel of the park.

Previously DCA consisted of wide concrete paths and nothing else. Wide open views that were very utilitarian and to be honest, boring. With the addition of so many trees, the park feels more alive in a way, long distance views are broken up making the park feel more cozy and intimate. The shade reduces the heat coming off the pavement, cooling the park as well. Having all these large, older trees will also give the parks themed areas a feeling of having been there for many years.

I love all the new green!


  1. I looks so pretty! I can't wait to be there!

    1. I know! You aren't even going to recognize the park. It's going to be great!