Jan 11, 2012

A Mad T Party

It has long been rumored that the replacement for elecTRONica was going to be Alice in Wonderland themed. Well, as of today we have official confirmation and artwork!

So far it seems to be a mix of what worked from Glow Fest and elecTRONica. This is just concept art mind you and this is likely to change a lot between now and this summer when the tea starts flowing. However, I think it's safe to say that the general feeling, the colors and shapes will be there. elecTRONica was fun, but it has definitely overstayed its welcome. As you can see from the first image this will be based off the Tim Burton imagining of the Alice story.

With the success of these street parties, I would guess that Disney will find a way to make the infrastructure necessary to pull them off more permanent, which would also mean making it better hidden for normal daytime operations of the park areas.

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