Nov 6, 2011

A DCA Wait Board

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Disney took down the walls around the new Pump House area at DCA on Friday. A local Disney photographer named MintCrocodile took some amazing photos of the area.

It looks amazing. I love the simplicity of it. All the uplights around the tree bases are going to look amazing at night, as will the beautiful Spanish style lanterns. What really excites me though, is the blank space on the building, framed by the architecture, under the "Carthay Circle" sign. Have you ever seen a spot more perfectly designed for a wait board?

I'm pretty sure a fight is going to ensue over this one, if it hasn't already, but I would LOVE for this wait board to be an LED high-def TV. Mounted on the wall inside a custom designed frame it would look gorgeous. It would also allow for the display to be tied into the ride wait time signs around the park. Having it digitally done would allow for them to use fonts and colors and background that all match theme, but also affords them the ability to change the board in anyway, at any time. They can display emergency information, park schedules, announcements, ride closure updates, delays, etc.

Why will there be a fight over this amazing piece of awesomeness? Because it's a digital TV and that breaks theme. Well "phooey on you!" says I. It doesn't break theme any more than cash registers or speakers on Main Street do. Come on guys, this is a theme park, not an accurate recreation. It is an open, operating park, not a museum piece. If you're worried that the LED will glow to brightly and be distracting, don't. They use LED billboards now that have a simply light sensor on them and adjust the brightness to match conditions. At night, it's enough to see clearly without being blinding. Besides, with all the light in that area already, a properly lit board won't be a distraction.

I'm holding out hope for a properly themed modern alternative and all the opportunities it affords them.

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