Sep 29, 2011

Disney India

It seems that Disney is expressing greater and greater interest in India. What kind of interest that is isn't really known just yet though.

Disney is increasing their stake in UTV Software Communications, the largest of the Indian entertainment groups, with a plan to turn it into a local subsidiary of the Disney company. Could this mean more Disney specific programming targeted specifically at Indian audiences? Quite probably.

It is being reported today that the Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger has been seen visiting India, specifically an entertainment district/mall. Is he scoping out the competition? Just having some fun while setting up the media deal?

Whatever Disney's plan for India is, you can bet it's a long term plan. It is far to early, really, to speculate about theme parks and such, but it is very probable that this entertainment deal is to begin having Disney branded film/tv offerings in India to build their brand presence in a far more targeted and significant way. This sort of thing could always be seen as a prelude to a future hotel such as Aulani and possibly a theme park some day. India does contain nearly 1/6 of the world's population and as a country with a fast growing economy it makes sense to position themselves to expand in any way there. Pure speculation at this point beyond the media deal, but fun to think about.

It will be interesting to watch how this develops.

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